Reckless driving is dangerous, kids! Take it from Maya Kendrick, who almost just got run over by this studs careless cruising. Thankfully, she has not been injured, only a little excited. Just listen to that gasp as she almost gets hit. Is it just me, or did it sound… sexual? When our stud gets out of the car, her juices are already flowing from all the excitement. He is super relieved she is okay and is about to get a little more relief added on top. A couple days later, Maya sneaks into his backyard and begins touching herself.

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Our stud has no idea what to make of it, but he invites her inside to make sure the neighbors do not see. They head to the bathroom where Maya gives him a good old fashioned reach around. Then, they make their way into the shower where our stud pushes her up against the glass wall and rear ends her pussy repeatedly. She rides him on the toilet until he cannot control it anymore. He tells her to get up because he is about to cum, but she wants it! She takes his goo inside her babymaker and he cannot believe it. Just do not tell his wife, Maya!

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The Fast And The Curious – Maya Kendrick

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